Some of my work as a PhD student:

Some of my work as an undergraduate student:

  • My report from my final year project at the Semiconductor Physics Group, Cavendish Laboratory. This involved measuring the statistical variations in large (56) numbers of quantum devices at low temperatures. This work has since scaled up into much larger arrays of 256 quantum devices.
  • My report from my summer internship at Prof. John Morton’s Quantum Spin Dynamics group, University of Oxford (now at UCL). It involved designing a system that detects shifts in the resonant frequency of an electron spin resonance experiment due to field drifts, and actively corrects for it in a feedback loop.
  • A research review into the use of magnetic particles in drug delivery.
  • An article on how Magnetic Resonance Imaging works, for the A-level magazine “Physics Review”.
  • An article discussing the research into the link between aggression in teenagers and violent video games, for The Science in Society Review, University of Cambridge. It was so good* that I ended up becoming the Managing Editor of the journal.

*Might be an exaggeration


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